TITAN Mission

The mission of the TITAN Global Mental Health Initiative is to improve the trajectory of health and wellness of the Cambodian population by working to resolve the current mental health care gap. The project aims to do this through strategic partnerships, enhanced capacity building, and adoption of evidence-based treatments (EBTs). With the previously successful completion of Phase 1 to establish capacity building needs and research priorities, our goals are to 1) examine trauma informed care as a culturally relevant response to trauma exposure, and 2) increase and expand capacity building efforts. The primary goal of the project is to build sustainable improvement and long term results through an alignment of goals, activities, and outcomes, while building mental health research programs in Cambodia. 

In addition to capacity building efforts, the TITAN project includes a research initiative to study an effective, culturally-informed treatment of trauma-related affective disorders, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In partnership with the Cambodia Ministry of Health, University of Health Sciences (Phnom Penh), the Mekong Project III, University of Missouri-St. Louis, and University of Miami the project will work towards building collaborative and impactful mental health research programs in Cambodia.